Brooke Glenn

Brooke Glenn is a photographer from Baltimore, Maryland. Brooke attended Towson University for a Bachelor of Science in Art and Design with a concentration in Photography. Her passion for photography started 5 years ago and has grown ever since. After taking two photography classes in high school, Brooke knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to become a photographer. Brooke loves the feeling of her camera in her hand. She loves being able to capture timeless moments with her camera. Brooke doesn't take photographs, she creates them. 

Street photography was very compelling to Brooke. She loved how you can capture mundane moments and create stories with them. Brooke would take her camera downtown and take pictures of the hustle and bustle of Baltimore. Portraiture were also very interesting to her. You can take the craziest, candid portraits to the most emotional, staged portraits. She started to get into self-portraits, which started her love for portraiture. Long exposures are her weakness though. The process of long exposure was so interesting to her because you can really capture motion and light unlike the normal snapshot. Light painting is one of her favorite types of long exposures. Being able to literally paint light and capture its movement is something to be amazed at.